Sh. Prabhjot Singh, IAS
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Battery Operated Rickshaw



An idea to launch ‘Battery Operated Rickshaws’ in City Sirsa is an innovative idea under District Innovation Fund and is a step towards raising the standard of lives of the existing rikshaw pullers



    • Energy efficient

    • Pollution free

    • Pollution free

    • Easy driving

    • Eco friendliness

    • Low maintenance cost

    • Silent driven

    • More earnings to the existing rickshaw pullers



No cost on account of fuel etc. is involved as the batteries are only to be charged at the night which costs nothing and one rickshaw puller can easily earn Rs. 350-400 Per day. The District Administration has made about 40 such rickshaw available to the poor/needy rickshaw pullers. The costs of each rickshaw is about 80,000/-,therefore , they have to only deposit this security amount of Rs. 20,000/- and in any case any rickshaw puller is unable to deposit this security amount at its own , the loan facility is made available to him through banks. In addition, Each rickshaw puller is required to deposit Rs. 20/- per day and amount accrued on this account will be utilized at the time of replacement of battery etc. Thus, the net income/earning by a rickshaw puller in a month is expected around Rs. 10,000/- .
This concept of providing battery operated rickshaws is multi-way beneficial i.e. it costs nothing for the rickshaw puller; it also saves the time and money for the users ; no noise or air pollution in the city etc.

















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