Aadarsh Gram Gudia Khera


Flora and Fauna:-


The village comes in the arid zone comprising zerophytic type of flora. The flora is scanty and sparse and varies according to local factors and soil type. In saline and alkaline part of the village, Mesquite is common along-with Farash and Jal. In moist locality in irrigated areas are found Shisham and Tut. Jand, Rahera and Babool are quite common in this area. Sarkanda, Khip and Phog are also frequent in sandy localities. Medicinal herbs found in the village are Bansa, Indirain, Asgandha, Kharnthi, Ak, Bhakra and Dhatura. Shrubs found in the area are Hins, Karaunda, Puthanda, Bansa, Panwar, Babool, Karir, Phog etc. The main trees grown on the village land include, Kikar, Shisham, Neem, Bakain , Jand and Gulmohar etc. The important grasses found in the village are Anjan, Dhaman, Dub, Kana, and Dabh.



The Animals living in the village can be classified as under:-


The village is inhabited by varied groups of animals. This include the small Indian civet, the common Mongoose, Squirrel or Gilheri, the common house rat, the common house Mouse, Blackbuck, Blue bull etc.


A large number of birds, found in the village are Duck, Quail, Pigeon, Dove, Eagle, House Crow etc.


The Reptiles which found in the area are Snakes, Lizards, Tortoises, Frogs and Fishes etc.