Aadarsh Gram Gudia Khera


History and Culture of the village Gudia Khera:

The Village Gudia Khera is situated in the South of District Head Quarter Sirsa. This falls under the Nathusari Chopta Block of the district. This village is surrounded by Bakrianwali & Modia Khera Village in North, Dhukra village in south, Nirban village in East and Baruwali-II village in West.

History of nomenclature of the Village and its ancestors:

There are a number of legends about the nomenclature of the village Gudia Khera. According to one of the legends, the topographical appearance of this village was like Gudia (Doll) and one famous person called this settlement as Guda Village which later on was converted into Gudiya. The Progenitor who settled this village belonged to the Godara Clan and people also called it Godarawala Gudia. There were also sayings that this village was also known as Birdawala Gudia because the first inhabitants of this village were Sh. Mota Ram and Sh. Deva Ram sons of Sh. Kalu Ram of Birda gotra who migrated from village Rodu, district Bikaner of Rajasthan. It was believed that Sh. Kushal Ram ji Bhatia also settled in this village in 1768 (Vikram Samvat-1824).

There are around 70 Gotras of 17 different Castes and Communities whose ancestors were migrated from the various places of Rajasthan and Haryana and settled here as residents. There are various Castes in the village these include the Jaats, the Banias, the Bhaat, the Brahmin, the Chamar (Meghwal), the Chhimpa, the Dhanak, the Kumhar, the Lohar, the Nayak, the Rajput, the Sunar, the Suthar and the Balmiki.


The Sarpanches of the village from beginning are Sh. Chandu Ram Poonia(1952-1957), Sh. Uday Ram Godara(1957-1962 and 1962-1967), Sh. Kashi Ram Hooda(1970-1975 and 1976-1981), S. Kalu Ram Sangwan(1981-1986), Sh. Ram Chander Poonia(1986-1989), Sh. Manphool Birda(1989-1995), Smt. Parmeshwari Devi Manda(1995-2000), Sh. Nathu Ram Birda(2000-2005), Sh. Mani Ram Poonia(2005-2010) and Smt. Poonam Godara(2010- till now).

The Numderdars of the village are Patram Godara, Jessa Ram Godara, Chunni Ram Godara, Nanak Ram Godara, Budh Ram Chhabra, Mani Ram Chhabra and Raju Ram Bhatia.