Pravasi Haryanavi Bhagidari Vikas Yojna

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          A large number of Haryanvis have migrated to different parts of the country and the world over for better avenues of livelihood.  Some of these residents of Haryana have set up their successful businesses within and outside the country. Many of them have also made distinctions in different business and professional fields. Many of them have been maintaining their residential and other establishments in Haryana and visit their relatives and friends frequently. Majority of them have been maintaining their emotional roots with their place of birth. Even though a person who belongs to Haryana may be working in a different State or in a different nation yet he can stay connected with his State and in doing so again a bond with his village/city can be formed which can inspire him to make useful contribution for his State.

           Quite a few of them have already been contributing to the welfare of the villages and cities where they have spent their childhood and youth. Some of them have also undertaken various charity projects such as construction of school buildings, hospitals, Dharmasalas etc. Many more are willing to contribute for the welfare of the state of their origin.  However, there is no single window platform available with them to approach the appropriate authorities for various clarification regarding Rules & Regulations and approvals as many projects require Govt. approvals and clearances etc. 

In addition, many of these Pravasis have to face several kinds of problems pertaining to their properties and relatives back home.  Many such grievances come to the notice of the district authorities but due to the lack of any single window redressal system, no appropriate attention is given to such grievances.  Many a time, such grievances go unattended and this not only hurts them, it also brings a bad name to the State Govt. 

            Therefore, it has been decided by the State Govt. that a single window grievance redressal-cum-development mechanism needs to be set up at each district level as well as at the state level for redressal of the grievances of the Pravasi Haryanvis as well as for coordinating various charitable activities and welfare programmes which they want to undertake in the state of their birth. Such a mechanism can work in the noble direction of strengthening the bonds between the Paravasis & the State of their origin. Through it, eminent Pravasis as well as a commoner can participate in the journey of socio economic development of the State. Today there is hardly any field of activity, be it business, public welfare, education, art, literative, sports, science where haryanavis have not achieved remarkable and unprecedented success. No matter where such Pravasis went, Haryana remained in their hearts & emotions and their deep attachment to Haryana has kept the bond strong between the land   & its people. Yet, it needs to be tapped further.

          The Pravasis sometimes face difficulties in their philanthropic act due to lack of awareness of rules/regulations and lack of cooperation from the local population, there is also some time duplicacy involved as their efforts may be covered under Govt. schemes/programmes. Hence, there is a need for convergence and complimentality. Therefore, it is proposed to setup Pravasi Haryanvi Bhagidari-cum-Vikas Samiti.       

Administrative Structure

(A)  District level (Society)

            A "Pravasi Haryanavi Bhagidari–cum-Vikas Samiti" shall be set up in each district which would function under the broad framework of the guidelines of this scheme. It would be constituted as per the provisions of the Societies Registration Act applicable in this regard.  The Samiti shall be registered as society under society registration act. The Samiti may be setup in each district under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner with the following members:-

1. Deputy Commissioner                                                                         Chairman

2. Superintendent of Police                                                                     Member

3. Commissioner, Municipal                                                                    Member

Corporation or the E.O.,

MC or Secretary, MC.

4. Five representatives of Industries/                                                      Members

business, NGOs or any prominent

citizens who have excelled in

business, charity and other works

to be co-opted by the D.C.                                                  

5. District Development and Panchayat                                                  Member


6. All Sub-Divisional Officers (Civil)                                                        Members

7.District Education Officer /Chief                                                         Members

  Chief Medical Officer/ Civil Surgeon

  Child Development Project Officer/

  District Social Welfare Officer.

8. Additional Deputy Commissioner                                                       Member Secretary

9. Development Branch in the DC                                                          Nodal Branch Office.                                                                                                              

The attempt to establish such a Samiti reflects the State Govt's determination to nurture its interaction with its noble sons.

              This Samiti is a platform which acts a bridge for all those persons who wish to stay connected with Haryana, their birth State and want to provide assistance to their State, in any manner. The word Pravasi may include those persons who live in other cities of India or of other countries due to their job or any other reason such as business but essentially belong to Haryana. Each District level society should have its own website.

A questionnaire has also been drawn which can be filled up by Pravasis.

(B)     State Level (Cell)

A State Level Samiti will also to be set up under the    Chairmanship of Secretary Development with the following members:

1. Secretary Development                                                                      Chairman.

2. Secretary Industries                                                                            Member

3. Secretary, Health                                                                                 Member      

4. Secretary,                                                                                             Member School Education

5. Secretary, ULB                                                                                      Member

6. Secretary, TCP                                                                                     Member

7. DG, Panchayati Raj                                                                              Member Secretary

The department of Development of Panchayats will be the Nodal Department.

The State Level Monitoring Cell will monitor the progress of the grievance redressal as well as the development and welfare activities on annual basis. However, in case of need, the State Level Monitoring Cell could hold a meeting at an early date also.

Supporting staff, if need be, will be deployed by the Samiti on consolidated salary on contract basis.

Objectives of the Scheme

1.To increase communication and strengthen ties between Pravasi and their state.    

2.To facilitate partnership through single window facilitation and building private public partnership.

3.To provide clearing house role for all philanthropy related information.

4.To promote accountability and transparent practices in Pravasi philanthropy.

5.To give suggestions to Pravasis to help in some key areas for the development of the state.

6.To offer awards, certificates to them, to honour them in recognition of their services.

7.To provide certain privilege to those Pravasis who have contributed regularly to the State's development in a significant manner.


The main functions of the Samiti shall be as under:-

1.The maintenance of data base of all such Pravasis of the district by the Samiti containing the details of their present addresses, their contact numbers etc. there by their complete personal bio-data shall be compiled.

2.Initially data would be collected from the concerned Gram Sachivs about the number/such persons who are presently residing in different cities in India & abroad. The feedback from the present residents of villages shall be taken in this regard. The work relating to registration of such names can be completed within a month.

3.To regularly update of the personal records of the Pravasis so that the new addresses, death, expiry, change of contact numbers etc. can be reflected in the data base.

4.The Samiti would facilitate the Pravasis who are interested to contribute in cash or in kind for the upliftment of their villages.

5.The Samiti can also act as trustees of the properties of those Pravasis of Haryana who wish to entrust their property to the State for such trusteeship. The Samiti can also help them in investment in Haryana by giving suggestions regarding adequate site  any infrastructure related development such as a charitable dispensary/educational institution etc.

6.The Samiti would provide a one point contact solution to Pravasi investors through single window clearance mechanism.

7.The Samiti would act as a form  for convergence of Pravasi contribution with state programmes/policy/scheme for example with respect to  providing the main features of State policies with respect to setting up of industries, opening up of libraries, construction of schools/colleges & other institutions,  dharamshalas  etc.

8. The Samiti would facilitate exchange of information with the Pravasis about the State, the various Govt. measures & the people of the locality by mass media like publishing newsletters in this regard, website, electronic media etc.

9.The Samiti would coordinate activities for felicitation & providing honour to Pravasis who have contributed significantly to the development of the District and the State.

10. The Samiti shall also be responsible for maintaining the   record of all such contributions received and expenditure done by it.

11. Post construction maintenance

                    In pursuant to the setting up of an infrastructure in a village, a holistic view shall be taken up by the Samiti to generate resources for its running cost thereafter. Specific duties shall be assigned to the concerned Govt. Department to provide funds/staff etc for its regular maintenance e.g. after the setting up of a library in a village, the Society shall assign duties to the Gram Panchayat/ Zila Parishad etc accordingly for its daily maintenance, likewise, in cities various boards & Corporations can be assigned the specific task of looking after the up keep of such facilities such as a park in a municipal area, a statue erected in a chowk etc.

12.To develop a web site and put up contact details for single  window clearance for all the grievances/proposals to be received by the cell and will also develop an online grievances redressal mechanism for the applicants.  All such grievances will be expeditiously attended to by the Grievances Redressal-cum-Facilitation Cell and urgent reply will be sent to the concerned applicant within a period of 15 days regarding the status of the applications.

13. To individually contact interested pravasis to invite them to be partner in the progress and development of their State. This will also encourage them to air their grievances, if any, in which they require intervention of the Government.  

14. To give wide publicity to the scheme through electronic media.

Mode  and method of contribution by the Pravasis

There shall be two ways in which Pravasi can provide any help for the socio economic development in Haryana.

1.For a specific cause :

If a person wishes to contribute towards a specific project such as setting up of a drinking facility in his village, he can submit an application form accordingly to the Samiti who shall select a suitable site for it by checking its  feasibility and  grant  approval.

2.   For a non specific cause

If a person desires to provide funds to the Samiti in general without specifying the cause in that case the  fund so collected shall be kept  in a corpus and shall be utilized by the society for the welfare of the district in  any of the priority area like providing financial help of any kind to any destitute woman, differently abled persons, poor and deprived persons, including senior citizens, slum devellers, drug addicts, persons who have suffered due to sudden natural calamities or accidents or such other similar kind.

The applicant can also directly undertake the construction works at his own level and in that case the District Pravasi Haryanawasi Grievances Redressal-cum-Facilitation Cell will provide all necessary technical and other facilitation services for the project. It will ensure grant of approvals and any other technical and supervisory assistance if required by the applicant.

A person who wishes to take up a project for a social cause in his native village can be helped by the district administration & it can be converged with various other development schemes of other department independently or in convergence with other schemes of the department. This could be a community project such as opening a school, setting up of a community bio generation plant carrying out road repairs, improving sewerage system in villages etc. The record for the same shall be maintained by the society.

Such types of projects are aimed at improving the living standards of the village. A person desiring to do so can discuss it with the Society, submit his project plan with relevant commercial & financial details and the society after careful scrutiny & feasibility shall approve the project and issue letter accordingly. The Society may even give matching contribution for the execution of the project.

The scheme of matching grant will also to be available to the persons desirous of contributing to the welfare of his village/city.

Maintenance and Operation of Accounts

              The Samiti shall maintain a bank account for receiving the grants/donations or other contributions for making expenditure for the activities under the scheme. The account shall be operated jointly by the Deputy Commissioner and the DDPO. The Samiti shall make every endeavour to check wherever possible the credentials of the funds received by it so that no illegal funding takes place & it shall be mandatory for Pravasis to make any monetary contribution by electronic bank transfer system or demand draft along-with their personal details.


Source: http://www.harpanchayats.gov.in